| who are you, really?

Often touted as a “Jane of All Trades,”  Sandra was encouraged at a young age to follow her multiple passions of art, music, writing, and jurisprudence. But after a somewhat sketchy tour of duty in law school, she eventually threw out her original childhood aspirations of becoming the next singing, dancing lawyer.

Sandra also shelved the desire to be the next Jane Austin when she met and fell in love with computer programming and graphic design. Such an odd couple. With a firm understanding of HTML, Javascript and CSS, she started to tackle the “real world” of website design and development. In 1994 she delved into the young, tender underbelly of what would become the Internet and launched her first web-based business, WunderWebs. She hasn’t looked back since.

Sandra describes herself to be a classy, mature woman, with a heart as big as all out doors, even the double kind that open by themselves in supermarkets. She is pro-choice, spiritually inclined but not conventionally religious, anti-dogmatic and nondoctrinaire, a headtripper without benefit of psychedelics, and a passionate but pathetic karaoke singer.

She is not in favor of the Standard American Diet or the death penalty, loves a good joke, is terrible at mysteries, and claims to be a very slow typist. Completely schooled in HTML, she doesn’t know a thing about MACs, and doesn’t want to learn. Incensed about sexual intolerance, Sandra couldn’t care less if someone wants to marry a turkey or a Chicklet™.

Visually, she appears harmless and has a misleadingly pleasant Merle Streep quality to her, but she’s got an inner Wolverine and doesn’t have much patience with narrow-minded people. She is unspeakably headstrong, willful, intelligent and opinionated, but always fair-minded and suffers fools gladly. She takes 100% responsibility for her actions and intentions, refuses the role of victim, is not easily intimidated, and laughs at herself more often than she should admit.

A talented writer, she has raised five children and is now the proud Grammy of six. Not one of them has read aSandra Miller-Long thing she has ever written.

She is married to a wonderful man who does read her stuff but refuses to admit it.

In her spare time, Sandra also enjoys water polo, black tie galas, and owns a winery in northern Italy. Ok, no not really, but she does drive a fabulous, blue and silver, Smart ForTwo Cabriolet named KARTOON.

Likes: Airplanes, Hemingway, falling snow, martinis (made from only the finest vodka), sheepdogs, large reptiles and larger birds. A self-confessed addict of genealogy, spicy food, American Idol, Christmas decorations, puns, and mahjongg.

Dislikes: Microsoft Vista.

She does not look like her photograph.